Make the device easy to operate
  • Speed configuration
    Speed configuration

    A tool to achieve batch configuration synchronization and fast deployment.

    Only need to manually configure one device, and other devices can configure synchronization and rapid deployment through QR code transmission or wireless transmission, and support point-to-point file transmission.

  • Application refrigerator
    Application refrigerator

    Create a unique and exclusive desktop.

    Destek users to achieve exclusive desktop creation in one click without using third-party tools without secondary development. With the self-starting management of IoT security, you can even enter the work interface after booting.

  • IoT toolbox
    IoT toolbox

    Open the module application of the Internet of Things

  • Özellikler

    Quickly set up machine related configuration

Make device operation easier
  • IoT security
    IoT security
    Deep integration with CILICO products
  • Wi-Fi whitelist
    Wi-Fi whitelist
    Ensure that the wireless network is unblocked, and avoid the risk of incorrect communication or leakage of sensitive data due to incorrect links.
  • LAN time synchronization
    LAN time synchronization
    Deep integration with CILICO products
Provide customized AI solutions for developers
  • Yüz tanıma
    Yüz tanıma

    Akıllı face recognition to unlock, sign in, support secondary development interface.

  • OCR recognition
    OCR recognition

    Akıllı identification, support ID card, driver's license to scan and enter data without network.

  • Voice intercom
    Voice intercom

    Destek software customization + UI operation desktop

Provide customized AI solutions for developers
CILICO IoT OS provides customers with a deep customization system based on different scenarios, combined with usage habits, and deep integration with CILICO full range of mobile computers to improve work efficiency in terms of customer experience, performance improvement, data security, behavior management To reduce maintenance costs.
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IoT OS functions
  • IoT Uygulamalar
    IoT Uygulamalar
  • System Application
    System Application
  • System Security
    System Security
  • System Service
    System Service
  • Wireless Bağlantı
    Wireless Bağlantı
  • System Arayüz
    System Arayüz
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence
  • Yazılım Customization
    Yazılım Customization

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